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Stuffed Elephant Plush Toy - Available in Grey, Pink ,Purple,Yellow or Blue Colours
Available in a choice of grey, pink or blue, the Stuffed Elephant Plush Toy  is a soft and comfy bedroom accessory....
R 299.00
A Pair of Baby Knee Pads
About So soft and flexible these baby knee pads bend and stretch to the shape of the knee. Crawling is...
R 49.00
Kids' Shark Blankets
Why should you buy our Kids’ Shark Blanket? Looking for an awesome gift for your kid? Well, look no further!...
R 199.00
Baby Posture Cushion
Baby Posture Cushion Let you little bundles of joy sit in comfort and style with the new baby posture cushions....
R 249.00
Breathable Multifunctional Baby Carrier
Multifunctional  Baby Carrier Keep you baby close and comfy and your hands free for those out of house trips and...
R 499.00
Braided Crib Protector or Cot Bumper 2M
Get a quality product, a shapely and very soft, beautifully braided crib bumper that is made from premium 100% hypoallergenic...
R 499.00
Insular Mommy Nappy Bag Backpack with wipe case
About A convenient way to transport all your babies necessities. Store your diapers, bottles & wet wipes easily in this...
R 549.00
Plush Peek a Boo Talking Teddy Bear - iconix
Plush Peek a Boo Talking Teddy Bear
Peek-A-boo Bear features a movable mouth and arms. Press a button, the bear recites one of six different phrases and...
R 299.00 R 599.00
3D Printing LED Moon Lamp3 colors - iconix
3D Printing LED Moon Lamp
Highlights Advanced 3D printing moon night light Real-like moon with rough surface Rechargeable battery and USB charging (includes q cable...
R 299.00 R 599.00
Baby Muslin Swaddle Blanket
Multiple uses including stroller cover, burp cloth, nursing shield, summertime and tummy time blanket, change table cover, portable crib sheets,...
R 249.00
Stuffed Crocodile Plush Toy - iconix
Stuffed Crocodile Plush Toy
About Get cozy with one of these cute stuffed crocodile plush pillows. This crocodile stuffed animal is the ideal size...
R 299.00 R 650.00
Baby Jumpsuit Extender
With our little ones growing so fast, get our jumpsuit extenders which will prolong the fit of our babies wear. ...
R 39.00
Woven Cotton baby and Kids Playmat
Woven Kids and Baby Play mats are great for any room. Comes in a variation of different styles to keep...
R 399.00
Kids Head Support Belt
MATERIAL: 100% Cotton printed cartoon fabric,lined with inner lining,soft and thick,breathable and washable. SIZE: The head belt length: 11.7 inches,...
R 99.00
Baby Tooth Keepsake Box
Two available designs: boy or girl Delicate and durable Lovely baby teeth and hair save box Ideal as a birthday...
R 159.00
Plushy Stuffed Sloth Plush Toy - iconix
Plushy Stuffed Sloth Plush Toy
Get cozy with one of these cute stuffed sloth plush pillows. This sloth stuffed animal is the ideal size for...
R 249.00 R 650.00
Adjustable Nursing Feeding Pillow
Get the perfect latch with a flexible nursing pillow that elevates your baby to breast height Adjustable height allows you...
R 499.00
Convertible Toy Storage Bag and Play Mat - 150cm
About Clean up the toy area when playtime is over by using the iconix toy mat and storage bag. This...
R 199.00
Kids Pretend Play Tent
These indoor play tents are great for any room. Gives the little ones the place to play for hours and...
R 299.00
Baby Seat Support Cushion
This reversible support has soft velour on one side and a breathable embroidered knit on the other, providing comfort to...
R 349.00
Hanging Ruler Baby Growth Chart
As the kid grows quickly, you need a growth chart to track their height. This canvas chart may be suitable...
R 199.00
World Map Scratch Deluxe Edition
Want to see the world? You can admire it every day, recalling memories of where you have been and igniting...
R 199.00
Hanging Canopy Tents 2.4M
A Hanging Canopy Tent creates a magical place for your little one to play, read or dream. Hang the canopy...
R 599.00
USB Rechargeable unicorn lamp - iconix
USB Rechargeable unicorn lamp
Remote Control: Use the remote control to turn on/off, adjust brightness, and choose static color. Colorful, dimming and timing modes....
R 349.00 R 499.00
Unicorn cozy blanket
Stay warm and comfortable with this unique and beautiful unicorn blanket. Product Features Shimmer for her snuggles! So-soft unicorn cozy...
R 349.00
9 Pockets Cotton Cot Organiser
9 Pockets Cotton Cot Organiser These trendy bright crib organisers are great for any parent and adds that extra style...
R 249.00
USB rechargeable mini cloud lamp
This mini cloud light is just adorable. These eco-friendly lights are child safe and made from BPA- and phthalate-free PVC,...
R 199.00
Baby and Toddler Ball Round Pond
This is a parenting must have for any household. These Baby and Toddler Ponds are a safe, secure and stylish...
R 1,199.00
Kids Striped Storage bean bag
This storage bag can perfectly accommodate your plush toys with its large large capacity.  Choose freely according to the number...
R 299.00
Kids Toy Plush Bunny Rabbit 38cm
This Plush Kids Toy Rabbit is the perfect companion for any child. Soft and cuddly and able to be carried...
R 199.00
Boston Terrier Dog Sleeping Blanket for Kids and Adult - iconix
Boston Terrier Dog Sleeping Blanket for Kids and Adult
This super cute oversized Boston Terrier blanket will keep your little ones warm and cosy on a cold day.  Product...
R 299.00 R 599.00
Baby Girl Muslin Swaddles
multiple uses including stroller cover, burp cloth, nursing shield, summertime and tummy time blanket, change table cover, portable crib sheets,...
R 249.00